Friday, February 8, 2013

Thinking Spring In The Calm Before The Storm

Today, after a light bit of early morning panic shopping to prepare for the forecasted noreaster, I met with the landscaper that we will very likely be hiring this Spring.  We're planning a patio in the back yard, as well as front and backyard landscapes.

Preliminary Presentation for land and hardscapes.  TIP: ALWAYS check with your municipality for setbacks and variances regarding fences, additions, patios and decks, and be sure to secure the proper permits prior to construction.  Keep copies of all your permits on file for when you sell to avoid complications.  File them next to clean, to-scale copies of your site survey which will need for most construction permits!

Creative Designs is a local company started by Manalapan resident Justin Tal, who has already installed shrubbery and beds for us along the side of our fence.  Following his dad's footsteps into the landscaping business, Justin earned his degree in horticulture at Rutgers and is quickly building an incredibly impressive resume throughout Manalapan.  One such project is across the street from me where I'm able to admire it on a daily basis!  Although a preliminary presentation, the sketches were accompanied by images on the ipad.  They also offer 3d renderings and CAD drawings for an additional fee, well worth it if you'd like to see your complete vision prior to committing.  I was very impressed, and the thought of the project now has me thinking towards spring on this otherwise wet and windy day.  Give Justin at Creative Designs a call at 732-995-2016 to discuss your landscaping projects and book in time for spring. Don't forget to tell him Tim sent you!

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